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Over recent years, lifestyle barns and heritage barns have been increasing in popularity due to their size, roof pitch and overall look.

We construct and build barns in either steel or wood cladding.  If you have any special requirements - features that you would like to add to your lifestyle / heritage barn, we are happy to discuss this with you and offer you the best solution for what you require.Whether it be to add a mezzanine floor, ranch sliders, windows, roller doors, lintel beams, internal walls, p/a doors… simply give us a call and we will be happy to design just what you are after and will provide you with two dimensional plans and a quote that includes everything that is on the plan hidden extras!

The Shed It, American style barns have a multitude of uses

  • Excellent storage for lifestyle equipment - caravans, boats etc
  • Can be fitted out to become a barn house - a popular choice for lifestyle blocks
  • Aesthetically pleasing - the lifestyle barn is an excellent option for an at home workshop for mechanics, appliance repairers, photography studios...the possibilities are endless!


Contact us with your specific requirements for a quote today!