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SHED IT are your rural undercover experts!

We have a large range of spans and cladding options to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for a custom end wall and door solutions, high wind certification, bird proof design, ventilation solutions; the team at SHED IT have got it covered! With 40 years of farming experience behind them, the team at SHED IT understand the issues that you face as a farmer and what is essential to you and your farming operation.



Improve Air Flow in Calf Sheds

Fresh air is a primary requirement for maximising health and productivity.
Free flowing air facilitates the removal of heat, moisture, dusts, gases and micro-organisms from the building.
Fresh air is very effective at killing pathogens; killing many bacteria and viruses up to 10–20 times faster than a mix of half fresh and half stale air.
A crucial design aim for any existing and new farm buildings is to deliver, fresh air to as many parts of the livestock building as possible, but to do so without exposing stock to excessive wind speed.

Talk to us about Yorkshire Boarding for your calf rearing shed or livestock building.

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"The team at SHED IT did a great job with my calf shed. They were really easy to deal with; approachable and friendly with helpful suggestions as to the best solution for my requirements.

I was very happy with the professional job that was carried out. They arrived for the build when they said they would, the job was completed on time and they left a tidy site when finished.

I am happy to recommend SHED IT. No complaints at all."
Robin Moss

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